is a scam


I was investigating the Bidrack website and entered my credit card information with the expectation that I was establishing credit for future use at the Bidrack site. My next credit card statement showed a charge for $99 on 6/10/11 which did not represent any activity on my part.

Apparently this was a bis package that I did not authorize and have never used.Bidrack refused to credit my credit card for this charge. I have never used the bid package and I consider this the cost of learning the pitfalls associated with this type of Internet scam.

I have previously used Ebay and Amazon to buy products and was under the impression that I could buy products cheaper at Bidrack. I was delusional

Monetary Loss: $99.

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Very mad at bidrack


I to was taken advantage of by bid rack .Called and complained about the unsatisfactory way there system works and wanted my money back All they said was we can give you more bids. I think I will try to contact the state attorney General.

This company is making mills of items that are only worth little bits of money. Think about it you pay for penny bids 100.00 of your hard earned money and you get 100 bids that you will never run the clock out and win. So you just waist it.Mean wile that tv your bidding on only cost in store is maybe 1,200 dollars. if you look at how many bids there were on item it's

Like 6000 that Costs all the bidding people 6 thousand dollars.

This company is Filthy Rich. This need to be stopped.

O. I would like my 100.00back to You fk9 company"

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BIDRACK is nothing but a scam...AVOID

Not resolved

I have purchased bids on Bidrack and won several items: a ring and several gift cards for Target, Best Buy, Applebees. After I won, I paid for these items and have never received anything.

When I call their customer service number, I am on hold forever and never get to a rep. Last time I called I hung up after 30 minutes. However, when I emailed them, I did get a response.

Their reply was that their previous supplier did not send them the gift cards and that they would credit my account with bids equal to the amount I paid for them items. I told them that this was unacceptable as they currently had the same gift cards on current auctions and that I did not want anymore "bids" credited to me, I wanted the items I won and purchased. I held up my end of the deal why can they not do the same. Pretty much got no where with them and still no items sent to me.

A couple months later I received the following email:

Dear Valued Customer,

We hope you have enjoyed your bidding experience at Bidrack ! As a valued customer, we want to hear from you. Tell us what you won at Bidrack, how much you won it for, share your experience with us by sending us your testimonial.

To Qualify for this promotion you will need to:

1. Send us your testimonial

2. Send us a photo of yourself holding your winnings

3. Sign the attached form and email it back to us.

As a small token of our appreciation, after you send us your testimonial, please e-mail us back here and we would love to give you a $15 iTunes gift card or 50 Bid's YOU PICK for taking the time out.

Always here to help!


Ryan G

Customer Care

Bidrack - The fun way to save!

I could not wait to reply with my testimonial and all the problems I have had. Again, got the standard customer service about how they have already credited my account with bids would would give me more. I again repeated that I did not want any bids, I wanted my merchandise and that I would never deal with them ever again.

Here is the last response I had from them:

A customer support staff member has replied to your support request, #261223 with the following response:

Dear Valued Customer,

We are very sorry for your disappointment with our site. For the orders you are referring to, we had prepaid a distributor for these items. When it came time to deliver, they failed us. We are very upset about this as well. This company still has the capital that we paid them for these orders and are currently in breech of contract. This is why we had offered the bids in lieu of these items. I can assure you, we are not a scam.

We now have a new and VERY reliable distributor. With the new company, we have been able to ship all new orders within 72 hours. Most items arrive to the customer within 5-10 days.

Again, we are very sorry about the rough start we had and the impact it has had on our customers. This was not the intent when we launched the site.

This weekend, we have had some technical difficulties with the site, this could be the reason you were unable to load the page. We are very sorry for this and for the inconvenience, I have added an additional 25 bonus bids to your account.

Once again, we do apologize for this inconvenience. We greatly appreciate your understanding on this matter and hope that you remain one of our valued customers.

Always here to help!

Best Regards,


Bidrack Customer Care

Guess what, again, never received any items. Thanks for assuring me that you are not a scam. AVOID this auction site as all costs. They take your money and never send you the items. Check out BEEZID instead. I have never had an issue with them. Always get my merchandise.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Bidrack dishonest

Not resolved

Paid for several BidRack items, some fairly pricey, and never got them or my money. This includes a Gameboy handheld videogame system, some small electronics, and toys.

I called months ago when their website was still running and was told they were are back order, should get them in a month or could get a refund. I decided to wait it out, but no I don't even know a way to get in touch with them for a refund! I'd rather have the items since I woke up early many mornings for bidding wars! I wonder if I could go through No More Rack and contact them, since there used to be a link for BidRack on No More Rack's site.

Guess they removed the link when they realized BidRack is phony.

However, I ordered something from No More Rack and it took a long time and had the same Chinese packaging as BidRack's. Hmm....

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Bidrack - Did not send items I've paid for

Not resolved

I purchase items from Bidrack starting in July, and have not received 3 of them. I've written to them as far back as August, as some of those items I paid for back in July.

They usually respond to my emails, and say they are working on the problem but did not with the last one. I've tried calling numbers provided which are not working.

Money is so tight for most people, I'm sorry to say I got caught up in this web. I just wrote them again and said I wanted to hear from them by Monday, with either getting my purchases to me, or repay me.

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Not resolved

I was charged 99 dollars for bids. then 29.12 for tablet pc on June 19th, 2011,,, it is now Nov.

8th, 2011 and no tablet pc has ever come and their responses are bull saying they are looking into it... I have demanded my money back, over and over again...I honestly believe this so called company was a scam company...

I would like my money back but can't seem to get anyone from bidrack to answer my emails.. therefore I am convinced they were running a scam..I suggest that anyone else who has been scammed look into the class act lawsuit against bidrack and file a complaint through there as well...

Monetary Loss: $99.

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I unlike others paid the 99.00 fee for bids on actualy I did it three times and won many items that I again paid for .but I recieved nothing.

Alltogether I spend over 350.00 is there any way to get my money back please let me know. thanks


Delaware Better Business Bureau does nothing on Bidrack complaints. The following is the letter I received from them:

(I finally walked into my bank looking like an angry ax murderer and raised my voice a bit. They refunded the fraudulent $99 charge)

BBB of Delaware

60 Reads Way

New Castle, DE 19720

Phone: 302-221-5255 | Fax: 302-221-5265


Robert xxxxxxxx

xxxx E Columbus Dr

Tampa , FL33605

Dear Robert xxxxxxxx :

This message is in regard to your complaint submitted on 9/27/2011 12:51:51 PM against Bidrack, Inc.. Your complaint was assigned ID 8753319.

The Bureau has decided to close this complaint and note that the business did not respond to the complaint.

This complaint will be reflected on the company's BBB Reliability Report with the following language: "The company failed to respond either to the consumer or the Bureau to the complaint(s) filed."

Please feel free to contact us with any further questions.


Michele Solge

The Better Business Bureau

Bidrack is false they ripped me off never send my items won

Not resolved

Bidrack is false they charged me to buy bids,never won somethin valuable,and out of my five winning items,they only send me three items,have been send them e-mails concerning my items not send,and no answer,the phone numer they provide is an answering machine,saying to write to bidrack reach us,I have just sent them an email hoping they answer with good information,other than they have ceased and had no longer auctions on line,they just ripped me,and dont know how many more customers,they should be in jail instead of ceased out....

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Not resolved

I was ripped off by bidrack. I never received 4 of my prizes that I won and the ones I did receive were junk!

Everytime you called them they would just give you more bids and wouldnt refund your money back. I spent alot of time and money on this site and it didnt live up to its guarantees.

People like this s/b ran out of business and made to pay back everyone! I don't kow how people can live with themselves. I just want my money back and see them in jail! Thank You for listening and dont go on their site.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I "won" a total of 7 items. Out of those 7 items I have only received three of them. Two of which broke almost immediately. I have tried numerous times to contact the company and the one time I received a reply and the one time I got someone on the line they fed me lines to keep me quiet. Now, their website is down, and their telephone number (can be found on their website) directs you to an e-mail. At this point I have given up receiving my final four objects and personally don't think I will ever see the money again.

But hey out of the seven products I "won", one of them worked out great.


could you please email the contact number that you used for bidrack, I ordered items in June and have never received them. My email address is


Bidrack - Took My Money Hasn't Sent Kindle Wireless Reading Device

Not resolved

I won a Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device and had to fight for it. I paid for it on August 30,2011 and today Sept. 22,2011 it still has not arrived. Every time I call them or email them it is the same thing..

They say the site is down or their computer is not working to call back. They also say they have no idea when my item is going to be shipped. No One has a clue.

I log into my account and it shows it was not paid for but the money was taken out of my bank account, in fact they took money out 2 times! I closed that account because I do not trust them!

So now they have my money and I do not have my Kindle. This auction site is a HUGE rip-off! For anyone that wants to play the auction game, I would stay as far away from BIDRACK as possible!

They STEAL FROM YOU and the government hasn't stopped them YET!

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don't waste your time to contack bidrack.

call your credit card company to dispute


There is a class action lawsuit. Complaints have been made to governments and BBBs in the States and Canada. The guy who owns this used to have an Acai juice scam.

He knows that governments take a long time to act and the BBB is useless when it comes to law enforcement. So he can take his time and keep ripping people off.

He has not run away with the money. He wants to steal more. But he is being prevented from doing so.

I suspect that hackers went in and messed up his website for the public good.

On the Internet, the Court of Public Opinion (CPO)can go after fraudsters no matter where they are.

The CPO are many and all over the place. Fraudsters are usually in one place. They are not as smart as the accumulated intelligence of the CPO and have no defense.

More and more, the public is defended by its own despite a slow-moving or corrupt government.


i think the site shut down...they took all the money they could and ran. we should get a class action lawsuit against them :(


I won a Pink Gameboy Advance SP and a 4 in 1 laser pointer back the first of June and I still have not gotten it. The Gameboy was said to have shipped back June the 18th and when I finally got the shipping Company name from them it gave me a tarcking number and has never left there.

It is still in Shenzhen, China. It has been there since June. The Laser Pointer has been processing at BidRack since the 10th of June and has never shipped at all. None of the phone numbers work and all you get is a e-mail to send and then you get the *** canned response about they will escalate it to managment blah blah blah.

i told them to return my money and they said you should get your items by Sept. 1st and now it is October and I have not gottemn the items nor my money back. I don't know what their problem is if they can't ship them out why can they not just push a button and return the cash back to peoples accounts.

I am so mad right now, I just sent another message to them at the new e-mail they have posted and told them the last e-mail they sent to me did no good because managment still has yet to call me or e-mail me. We will see if i get the same canned response from them if so I am going to take legal action.

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Bidrack is a scam


I learned about this company 4 months ago via internet advertisement. I thought it was like e-bay and immediately signed in.

Without my consent they credited me with 99.00 dollars. I spoke to the customer support and they told me there was nothing they could do- no refund. Then, I used it and won 15 items, which I have not received. 3 months have passed since then.

This company is a scam.

With my 99 dollars plus the money I invested on bidding and the shipping, I have lost over 200.00 dollars. I am willing to participate on a class action law suit against this company, if any of you are interested?

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