I to was taken advantage of by bid rack .Called and complained about the unsatisfactory way there system works and wanted my money back All they said was we can give you more bids. I think I will try to contact the state attorney General.

This company is making mills of items that are only worth little bits of money. Think about it you pay for penny bids 100.00 of your hard earned money and you get 100 bids that you will never run the clock out and win. So you just waist it.Mean wile that tv your bidding on only cost in store is maybe 1,200 dollars. if you look at how many bids there were on item it's

Like 6000 that Costs all the bidding people 6 thousand dollars.

This company is Filthy Rich. This need to be stopped.

O. I would like my 100.00back to You fk9 company"

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